31 Day Song Challenge (first 8 days)

Ok, here we go… catching up on the #31DaySongChallenge. We’ve got the first 8 categories…   Day 1: A song from a Canadian band/artist Amanda’s Choice: Barenaked Ladies – What a Good Boy The quintessential Canadian Band   Sarah’s Choice: Moxy Fruvous – King of Spain Although there are plenty of Korean-Canadian or Chinese-Canadian singers to choose […]

Episode 8: Our .gif to You

We’re kind of all over the place in this episode. We touch on things from “Mockingjay” to Sarah’s unhappiness with agents of shield and Amanda’s love of Wil Wheaton. We talk about obsessions and books and we have the ongoing discussion of Cumberbatch vs. Hiddleston and it turns out that Amanda and Sarah actually agree […]