Links to stuff we mentioned in Episode Six

Listen to episode six on Soundcloud or subscribe via iTunes. Come back to this post when you’re done. We talked about a lot of things, including zombies, but here are some of the links we mentioned. First off, we talked about Philae and I mentioned that his batteries might die soon, and they did. Here’s […]

Some music Sarah mentioned on the podcast

I know, I’ve promised to write this post one hundred times, so here it is! I’ve included videos from the kpop concert I went to in October (B1A4), the one I’m going to in a few weeks (VIXX) and the ukulele musician I’ll be seeing next week (Jake Shimabukuro). And now, onto the videos. I’ll […]

Links to stuff we mentioned in Episode Five

If you haven’t listened, you can do so on soundcloud or subscribe on itunes. Done? Good, here’s links to some of the stuff we talked about. If we mentioned something and it isn’t linked here, drop us a comment. It may have been in this episode where we also mentioned Chris Kluwe’s article about #gamergate. […]