Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 9: Unintentionally Funny

Due to family obligations and a busy few days at work, this week’s links are a week behind (sorry!). If you want to listen to the episode, go here. Otherwise, keep reading! We talked about a bunch of things, including our best of lists (I’ll get to those), but talked about a few other things, […]

Links to stuff we mentioned in Episode Eight (Our .gif to You)

Listen here. We talked about a bunch of stuff, but here are the highlights. There are spoilers here for Agents of SHIELD, so I apologize for that in advance. I talked about why I’ve stopped watching Agents of SHIELD and one of the reasons was that the character of Trip (Agent Triplett) was killed off […]

Episode 8: Our .gif to You

We’re kind of all over the place in this episode. We touch on things from “Mockingjay” to Sarah’s unhappiness with agents of shield and Amanda’s love of Wil Wheaton. We talk about obsessions and books and we have the ongoing discussion of Cumberbatch vs. Hiddleston and it turns out that Amanda and Sarah actually agree […]

Links to stuff we mentioned in Episode Seven

You can find episode seven right over here. Finished? Okay, good. Onto the good stuff! We talked all about my trips. I saw the kpop group VIXX and the Hawaiian ukelele player, Jake Shimabukuro. Here are some videos. First, VIXX in “Chicago” (it was really Indiana). I haven’t listened to these, so I can’t vouch […]