Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 13: It Shake the People Entire on the World

If you haven’t listened (which you may not have, it’s early yet), go listen to Episode 13. And now onto the good stuff. Articles we talked about: Being There: Ambient Loops from Famous Sci-Fi TV and Movies (Red Bull Music Academy) Lance: “I Would Probably Do It Again” (Outside Magazine) Losing A Soul Mate And […]

Stuff We Mentioned in Episode 11: Go Local Sports Team and/or College!

If you haven’t, check out episode 11, then come back here. Again, apologies for posting this (and episode 10) so late. Real life gets in the way (really, this was meant to go up yesterday, but you’ll find out what happened on episode 12). Anyway, onto the good stuff. We talked about a bunch of […]

Stuff We Mentioned in Episode 10: Our Christmas Was Better Than Yours

By now, you’ve already listened to episode 10 and were wondering what the hold up was on the blog posts. Well, I just got behind because work has been crazy busy and since I work all the time, there’s no time for fun when I’m not at work. But, better late the never, right? Over […]

Episode 10: Our Christmas Was Better Than Yours

We are back with a new episode! Join us while we talk about the holidays! We talk about our Christmas loot, tv and movies we (won’t) be watching in the new year. Sarah describes her adventures in an art museum and Amanda thrills us with her tale of finally getting her Reddit gift! Share this post: […]