Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 17: There Are No Subtitles for This Podcast

If you haven’t listened to Episode 17 yet, go do it. We talked about movies a lot this week — especially stuff we watched. Here’s a list of movies we both watched. Rich & Famous — Hong Kong (Sarah) YouTube, DVD or try your local library Tragic Hero (sequel to Rich & Famous) — Hong Kong […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 16: This Podcast Is Not About Kanye

If you haven’t listened to episode 16, go listen now! Now, onto the stuff we talked about. First off, it was my birthday this week! We talked a bunch about the gifts I got and how I share a birthday with Sumeragi Subaru (from the manga Tokyo Babylon). Happy Birthday to Sumeragi Subaru and myself! […]

Stuff We Talking About in Episode 15: I Have 99 Problems and Kanye is All of Them

This week was all kinds of fun. In fact, it took us three tries to stop laughing before we got started. If you haven’t listened, go listen now! Be aware, though, that there are spoilers for The Walking Dead and Secretly, Greatly (the latter is a Korean movie). We spent a lot of time talking about the […]

Episode 15: I Have 99 Problems and Kanye is All of Them

This week we talk about the many reasons why Kanye needs to stop talking. Sarah regales us with the tale of being woefully unprepared for a surprisingly sad movie and Amanda commiserates with a spoilery discussion of The Walking Dead. We also talk Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the lack of science fiction on TV. Share this […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode Episode 14: Liam Neeson and T-Rexes and Snow, Oh My!

Go listen to Episode 14 and then come back here to read the post (or do it at the same time, whichever works). Pictures from Metro-Detroit’s Mini-Snopocalypse 2014. The first two photos are from Amanda’s place, the remaining three are from my apartment complex. These were all taking on Monday morning, I believe.     […]