Stuff We Mentioned in Episode 19: Your Fandom Is Scarier Than Ours

Go here to listen to episode 19. Sarah talked about watching the new Hawaii Five-0, which you can watch on Netflix. She also mentioned, in conjunction with Amanda’s discussion of her Redditgifts, an article about urban fiction on Tor and the really fantastic by fans and for fans webshop: WeLoveFine. Along those Redditgifts lines, Amanda mentioned four […]

Stuff we mentioned on Episode 18: Mountains of Dirty Snow

Here’s the obligatory go listen to episode 18 link. And now, all the stuff we talked about. Sir Terry Pratchett, fantasy author, died on Thursday. Here’s an obituary from the Guardian as well as a link to the Wiki article about Good Omens, the book I mentioned. On a better, happier, note, we have my new […]