Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 23: Raze Munner or Mance Rayder

Go listen to episode 23. If you missed it, here’s the latest update on The Button. We talked about Sarahs’ new favorite podcast, Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files. Which led to a discussion about the only episode of The X-Files that Amanda’s watched: Leonard Betts (watch on Hulu+), which starred Dr. Romano from ER, I mean, Paul McCrane […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 22: This Podcast Is In The Toliet

On episode 22 we talked about the newest Star Wars teaser: While discussing Star Wars, we ended up discussing racism for a little bit and Amanda mentioned some videos we watched of a teacher’s way of educating kids, and then adults, about racism. You can watch the videos here: The above video is actually an […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 21: This Podcast Forgot Rex Manning Day

And we’re back! Go listen to episode 21, if you haven’t yet.  Now, onto the stuff we talked about. Sarah talked about her vacation with her dad and their trip to Meijer Gardens and the new sculpture by Ai Weiwei that’s coming to the gardens. She also mentioned, in their discussion of the newest addition to […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 20: Motion-Activated Skunk

By now you’ve probably already listened to episode 20, so, let’s get to the links. We talked about some movies: Sarah talked about reading about the victims of the Germanwings plane crash: Heartbreaking Stories Emerge As Germanwings Plane Crash Victims Identified (Huffington Post) Amanda talked about Thrift Books, her post that was mentioned in the Redditgifts […]