Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 33: I Didn’t Know He Was In That!

Listen over on SoundCloud. We talked TV and movies this week. TV: The Walking Dead Fear the Walking Dead Dark Matter 12 Monkeys (spoilers started at about 44 mins and going to around 47 mins) Killjoys Falling Skies Mr. Robot Movies: Lucy (for real this time!) Blackhat Kingsman Hackers We also talked about Jack Davenport, […]

Stuff We Talked About on Episode 32: They Were All My Favorite Characters

Go listen on SoundCloud. Movies & TV shows Amanda talked about: Lucy Godzilla (2014) Firefly Serenity Vikings Wayward Pines (remember to watch the first 5 eps before you quit) Movies Sarah talked about: Dope Spy Her Now You See Me Gravity Inside Out Amanda mentioned she got Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series (more on Wiki) and […]