Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 43: Trying to Solve the Puzzle

Listen to episode 43. We watched the First Doctor in the Classic Who episode arc An Unearthly Child (watch on Hulu with a Plus subscription). Sarah also mentioned the AV Club article/review/recap on the same arc, which you can find here. Amanda talked about The Puzzle, which is put on by the Cards Against Humanity people. You […]

Stuff We Mentioned on Episode 42: The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything

Listen to episode 42. Movies we talked about: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Lord of the Rings Hobbit movies Divergent series Maze Runner series Star Wars (new and old) Attack the Block Captain America: Civil War The Night Before Home Alone Deadpool Trailers! Other movie stuff we talked about: Jar Jar Binks, Sith Lord? […]