Stuff We Mentioned in Episode 36: Doctor Who?

This week’s podcast is The Doctor Who Episode. Amanda is almost done with her watching of the New Who and Sarah and Amanda talk all about Doctors Nine through twelve.  Beware of spoilers!

You can watch Doctor Who on Netflix and Hulu with memberships or free trials, or if you want to purchase full seasons or individual episodes, you can buy them on iTunes, Google Play and/or Amazon.


We spent most of our time talking about Doctor Who’s revived seasons (2005-present). You can find brief episode summaries on Wikipedia or this episode guide.

Listen to the podcast to find out who our favorite Doctors and companions are, Sarah’s problems with New Who and why she stopped watching and why it took Amanda so long to find her way to Doctor Who.

Sarah also briefly mentioned some Doctor Who fanfic she really liked. Here are links to the two stories:

We also talked the Reddit Gifts exchanges that Amanda’s doing. She talked about her Doctor Who gift exchange (you must listen, what she found is really cool!) and her board games exchange. For the latter, she found this super cool viking game called Hnefatalf. The one Amanda purchased (which is no longer available) looks really, really awesome. If you want to buy one for yourself, the same Etsy seller has this one, which is equally as nice looking.

And, finally, it’s giveaway time again! Hopefully this time someone’ll win. We have a super cute gift this time. It’s a Lootcrate Exclusive that Amanda got, but doesn’t really have a use for, so we’re passing it along to one of our lucky listeners. If you’d like your very own Joker figurine, just sent us a postcard with your name and address on it.


It’s cute, right? Who knew? You can send your postcards to us at:

Pale Blue Geek
P.O. Box 99593
Troy, MI 48099-9593

Please, US residents only (sorry everyone else). We’ll announce the winner on the September 24 podcast. Hope to hear from at least one of you before then!

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