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Amanda’s lived in Metro Detroit basically her whole life (except for those five years she was away at college). She loves all things geeky, but she really loves *NSYNC (I bet she’s sorry she asked me to write these bios). She also loves Star Wars (she claims these movies are her favorites, I may hold her to that on the podcast, one of these days). But, really, she loves lots of movies (and tv shows and books)! She has a job where she does important, non-nerdy things. She also gets to play with fancy paper and has her own business cards.

Sarah’s lived in Metro Detroit since 2005. For the rest of her life (except for those three years when she was in college), she lived on the west side of the state. She loves lots of geeky things, but she also loves kpop (like an awful lot). Her favorite movie is Spirited Away, but like Amanda, she loves lots of movies, books and tv shows. She’s a librarian where sometimes she gets to do nerdy things, but mostly she gets to spend other people’s money buying books for the library and helping people. She also has her own business cards and no, you can’t have one.

Sarah and Amanda met in 2002 and bonded over their mutual love of boybands. They’ve had many adventures over the years and now they are teaming up to bring you a podcast of epic proportions. Or normal proportions. So, really, just a podcast. About the stuff that interests them. So listen! Or don’t. It’s all the same to them. And it’s all Greek to me! Or something. I’m going now.

You can find Sarah on twitter and over on her blog (she promises to update it more).  Email Sarah: sarah @ palebluegeek.com.

You can find Amanda on twitter (maybe she’ll have a blog one of these days, maybe not). Email Amanda: amanda @ palebluegeek.com.

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